O'Lyn Callahan - Organ Arrangements

O'Lyn Callahan

As a performer and teacher, O'Lyn Callahan has prepared many arrangements for the Technics and Yamaha organs. Roland organ registrations are now available as well. These arrangements are available to organists complete with registrations on a floppy disk.

Throughout O'Lyn's career as a performer and teacher, she has prepared many arrangements for the organ. These arrangements are now available to organists in three levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced, along with a recorded performance and complete organ registrations on a floppy disk for selected models of Technic's, Yamaha, and now the Roland organs.

O'Lyn Callahan welcomes you to her current list of available arrangements and songs on CD. Ordering can be done online using this shopping cart. No credit card or online checking account is necessary. Just send us a check after the order.

The shopping cart is functional.  Please add items to the cart, print out the page, and mail it to O'Lyn.  She will contact you with the final amount.  You may contact O'Lyn by email, or by phone at (941) 377-4757